In April, Cornerstone will be celebrating 25 years of ministry. With need-based outreaches, 
community theater, schools and global ministries, we have strived to connect people to Christ in creative ways. In 2005, we were blessed to move into our current facility. For the past 12 years we have stabilized our key ministries with full-time staff. We have also been able to fortify other ministries with part-time support staff and volunteers. Although we are grateful to the Lord for supplying our needs in the past, we are now at a turning point where we must face the needs for today and move forward to the future.

Without a doubt, we know that God has called us to greater things. He has birthed new ideas and vision in our hearts for expanding ministries. Our current facility is no longer sufficient for us. We need a new and larger facility that would serve as place of worship, school and creative arts center.

In order for us to reach this goal, we need an effective plan. For the next6 months (October-March) we would like to eliminate 30% ($290,000) of our current debt. If this happens, we will be in a position to create a plan for our new building. In April 2018, we would like to present a very tangible plan to our members at a special meeting.

We are asking you to partner with us now. Below is a FAITH FORWARD commitment form for you to fill out. It includes both a financial commitment in the area of tithing and in the area of missions. Although both are important, we want to challenge you to first commit to tithing. If you are at a point in your Christian walk where you are not able to give 10% of your income, please consider giving a
predetermined amount each month. 

On Sunday, October 22 we will collect all of the completed cards in both services. It will be a great celebration as we witness the beginning of a new chapter at Cornerstone Community Church.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Together we can make difference and impact our
community for Christ.