Integrating Faith and Health
Healing the whole person; body, mind and spirit

     Health Care Ministries (HCM) serves to incorporate faith and health for members of our church and community. Christ's example is our model- He was filled with compassion; He touched and healed.

Jesus is the "medicine of life" which heals at every level.



     Various services are offered by this ministry, such as health education, health screenings, hospital and home visitation, providing links to community resources, bereavement resources, and health counseling. We offer Safe Sitter® babysitting classes each summer and flu shots every fall. We also offer American Heart Association CPR and First Aid classes.

     HCM is under the direction of our Faith Community Nurse (FCN), who serves alongside the pastoral team, coordinating volunteers from the congregation.

     You can contact our FCN, Jennifer Given, by email at  or by calling the church office        
(209) 825-1220.